Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Vintage titles

Last summer, while visiting Maine, I discovered The Cat at Night, a wonderful picture book by Dahlov Ipcar, a Maine author/illustrator, which was originally published in 1969 but was reissued in 2008.  I just discovered that her work has been a piece of the puzzle that has kept a small publishing house afloat despite the recent financial tribulations of many small presses.

The Cat at Night is truly a lovely, yet simple book about the unknown activities of our feline friends at night and the power of shadows to make the mundane mysterious.  The art is vibrant and clear, while the text is just enough to lead the reader through the story.

The link above goes to where you can get a peek at the art--I tried WorldCat but most libraries apparently don't have the reissued edition yet.  Another one to peruse at the bookstore or request from your local library (if no one asks, they don't always purchase...).

The full story of Islandport Press and Dahlov Ipcar's books is from Publisher's Weekly here:
It's Mainly Maine at Islandport

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  1. Hi - many thanks for writing about The Cat at Night and our publishing house, Islandport Press. You can see more pages of the book on our web site,
    I also just wanted to give the link for the Publisher's Weekly article, as the link in your post goes to something else (an Amazon gif)!

    It's Mainely Maine at Islandport

    Many thanks!
    Melissa Kim
    Senior Editor, Children's Books
    Islandport Press