Thursday, January 7, 2010

Building a library for your children

I have often gotten questions from parents about which books they should purchase to add to or begin their family library, in particular based on their children's ages and developmental stages.  While I can usually spout off a couple of titles, and there is an abundance of bibliographies and websites that cover children's literature, they are oftentimes overwhelming, especially to new parents or parents who are themselves English Language Learners.

The relatively new site Twenty by Jenny is the answer. 

Jenny Brown, (former teacher, children's book editor, and reviewer) give parents "the best 20 books for your child" in four age-based lists from birth to teenagers.  Beyond her lists of classics, she puts out a monthly newsletter that highlights one or two new books.  While it is read by many people in the children's book world, the site and newsletter are truly targeted at parents, and her enthusiasm for books and reading is infectious.  Take a look before your next visit to the library or bookstore with your children.

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  1. Dear Bonnie,

    Thank you for your kind words about Twenty by Jenny. I've enjoyed your earlier posts about audio books and podcasts, too -- you've given me the courage to try and download some!